Women travelers

Shovoy DMC offers unique travel packages to Bhutan for solo/ only women group to take a lead in the process of women empowerment. We have partnered with Bhutan Molay in order to celebrate the womanhood. Bhutan Molay helps local Bhutanese women to educate, empower and most of all to celebrate.
Our only women packages are specifically designed to keep in mind women travelers on the roads. This package will cover places Paro, Thimphu, Trongsa, Phuakha and Wangude. It will include local sightseeing, visit to cultural heritage site and traditional Bhutanese textile sight. The focus of this tour will be going to unbeaten roads where women power will be given new wings to inspire many people around.
We encourage women empowerment and this package will also give you an opportunity to meet and greet Bhutanese women and know their lives from closer perspective. This package will also take you to the local cooperatives and institution to see how well women are working for their livelihood in Bhutan. All the profit from this package will be given to Bhutan Molay for Bhutanese Women Empowerment program.
We want you join us for this amazing cause and opt for our solo/ only women group package to Bhutan.

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