Educational tour

Bhutan is a country of rich cultural heritage and enchanting history. Nestled between two giant world powers i.e. India and China, Bhutan has a lot to offer for students and youth coming to Bhutan for their educational trip.

Shivoy DMC introduces students to this amazing nation which survives as one of the most ancient culture in a modern world. We take pride to make this journey more interesting and knowledgably enrich. The education trip activities provided by Shivoy DMC will enable students to move a step closer to the population in Bhutan and see the country of thunder dragon as their perspective.

Our itinerary is made keeping in mind to provide you with the opportunity for appreciating the local art and splendid Himalayan backdrop. Educational trips at Shivoy DMC are specifically designed for learning about Bhutan, their culture, history, architecture, art, textile and tradition. Different types of education trips can be designed for students belonging to different streams.

Give a chance to Shiovy DMC and take a ride to this splendid gift of nature in order to make your learning experience a lifetime memory with us.

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